December 01, 2020

By Jade Fothergill

You may know Becky Scott as a long-time friend of Apples & Pears and a sometime model of our clothing, and you may have read our previous blog about health at every size and Becky’s inclusive exercise classes called MissFits Workout. Well, we are delighted to announce that we are now stockists for MissFits Workout® range of clothing, starting with T shirts and hoodies. Becky tells us how this all came about:

“This all started when people in my classes were asking for branded T shirts - I guess a lot of other fitness brands do them so I thought I'd look into it - but sourcing the variety of colours and inclusive sizes proved to be quite difficult! I wanted to offer bright, comfortable, practical clothing for everyone to feel good in - whether it's whilst dancing with me or snuggled down on the sofa. I started with just T-shirts but decided hoodies would be a good idea too!

“My original logo design was created by a friend of mine when I first started out and was just doing a little class in a community hall - as things started to grow I felt that my logo wasn't really suitable for the brand I was aiming to be - and also wouldn't really work for clothing! So I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Kassie Green - a local graphic designer - who offered to give my branding and logo an overhaul. I think she has managed to capture the brand perfectly and it looks great printed on garments! 

“There is definitely a real lack of accessible, affordable, functional sportswear (or all clothes really) in larger plus sizes (above about a size 22/24) and that's something I'd like to address. I've started with the easier things to source (T shirts and hoodies in sizes 5XL-XS) but would love to get involved in production of MissFits Workout ® leggings and sports bras and maybe even more!

“Alongside all of this I also decided to get MissFits Workout ® registered as a trademark for my classes but also for sportswear and equipment...! So, watch this space - more ideas are on the horizon!

“P.S. Huge thanks to the fabulous local business women helping me to realise my dream! As well as Kassie, there is @alittlescarletrose on Instagram who is doing the printing, Carla Watkins who did the photography and of course Liz, of Apples & Pears. I couldn't have done this without their help!”

We’re super proud to be able to support Becky with this venture. Head over to the Missfits Workout section of our store to get your gorgeous MissFits Workout ® T shirt or hoodie.



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