March 18, 2022

If you’re like team Apples & Pears you probably spend way longer than you would like to admit scrolling through your Instagram feed.

And reels? Don’t get me started on reels! There are way too many cute puppies and kittens out there.

But for all the hours you spend scrolling through your feed, how many of the accounts you look at leave you feeling a bit meh or worse?

Body shaming is rife on the ‘gram and it can be hard to navigate your way through all of the hundreds of thousands of images claiming to show the perfect body shape which looks nothing like your own. And even if you are completely comfortable in your own skin, this relentless messaging can still take its toll.
So, to help make your scrolling experience a happy one, the Apples & Pears team decided to share our favourite plus size, body positive Instagrammers who will leave you feeling uplifted rather than down in the dumps.


Kelly Fletcher describes the content of her Insta feed as ‘body autonomy, fat clothes horse, earring whore and glasses aficionado’ and she never disappoints. Her bold vintage look will have style addicts drooling, providing plenty of fashion inspiration and an overall positive vibe. You may also know Kelly as the host of the fab Plus Size Chat group on Facebook.
Visit Kelly's Instagram.


At Apples & Pears we absolutely love MissFits Workout for everything they stand for. Founder Becky Scott is all about bringing the joy back into movement, encouraging people of all shapes and sizes to exercise because they love their body, not because they hate it. And if after scrolling her feed you feel inspired, we stock a range of MissFits Workout clothing in our online store.
Visit MissfitsWorkout on Instagram.


Regular followers will know that we are a bit smitten with all things Lizzo, and when it comes to Insta in our eyes she is pretty much queen! Decked out in plus size couture, she is unashamedly herself and incredibly funny with it.
Visit Lizzo on Instagram.


If you are yet to discover the Anti Diet Riot Club, check out their feed today. They are on a mission to get people to accept and respect their bodies, freeing us all from the cycle of dieting and body hatred. This Insta account will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to look at life anew.
Visit Anti Diet Riot Club on Instagram


Female cabbie and Miss V finalist Caitlin Nash is a great Instagrammer to follow if you have ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of the pageant world. Her feed spans everything from no-filter make-up free photos through to glam walkway shots. Keep an eye out as she is set to model for Apples & Pears Clothing soon, too.
Visit Caitlin on Instagram


Plus size writer and activist Honey Kinny is a true positive force. Her fantastic podcast The Body Protest recognises that learning to love yourself is far from easy and looks at the many and varied hurdles you may face along the way.
Visit Honey Kinny on Instagram


We came across Michelle Elman of @Scarrednotscared via The Body Positive podcast mentioned above and what a great find. Dubbed ‘The Queen of Boundaries’ she talks so much sense and her posts will really get you thinking.
Visit Scarred Not Scared


For plus size style addicts, Georgina Grogan is a must follow. We absolutely love her vintage vibe and lush make-up. Regular tutorials and transformation clips keep us coming back for more.
Visit Georgina Grogan on Instagram

Who would you add to the list?

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