December 06, 2015

At this busy time of year the best occasions often take place in the evenings, with no time to go home and change first. With a bit of forward planning there’s no need to turn them down- simply pack your bag with a few glamorous touches and you’ll be ready to party in ten minutes!
We've collected our top five tips to help you to get the party look with minimum fuss!

A pretty floaty scarf in a contrasting colour or a beautiful pattern can is an ideal way to turn a plain black work dress into a party look, and there are many widths and lengths available – narrow ones looped around your neck, or even as a belt. Wider styles look good draped around your shoulders. Shawls are high fashion and in a silky fabric, in a vibrant colour, are great.
2.Sheer Duster Jackets
If you love fashion you’ll be familiar with these loose floaty and flattering ways to make a plain outfit glamorous. They’re a follow up to this summer’s popular kimonos, which are also perfect for parties. Lightweight duster jackets are also great if you’re used to a jacket or cardigan – in a silky fabric they are a floaty layer that doesn't cling. Choose maroon or khaki to be bang up to date.
3.A Bit of Sparkle!
Silver and gold are made to go with black and maroon. Team smart black trousers with a sparkly top, or tunic, or if you prefer a dress how about sparkly tights? Another idea is to use a sparkly narrow scarf as a belt to draw attention to your waist.
4. Accessorise!
The easy way to add instant glamour, party shoes and jewellery soon pep up your work wear - glitzy earrings and bracelets for parties to more sophisticated necklaces for more formal occasions. Hair slides and clips are a good touch too.
Parties are the perfect excuse to wear beautiful and impractical shoes and sandals, as long as you’re travelling in style! Paint your toenails the night before. Also take a pair of sparkly pumps in your bag for dancing.
It’s great to dress up to the nines when you have time but when you don’t then use our tips so you can still have a great evening while looking fantastic.

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