January 18, 2016

Successful sales shopping isn't all down to luck, although sometimes you can pick up a bargain on the off-chance. However those shoppers who get the best value have usually planned their strategy in advance and are prepared to put in the work to nab that one-off snip! We have picked their brains and put together our top four tips so that you too can be this season’s successful shopper.    

1.Shop At Times When Others Don’t 
Avoid the mad rush after queueing in the cold for hours by shopping at less popular times. The first stock on display is often the most reduced but is also usually the most unpopular sizes and colours and it’s easy to be tempted just because it’s cheap. Most of us have a wardrobe full of these rejects! So shop carefully at random times such as first thing on day two of the sale when normal stock is brought out, often heavily discounted. Also just before closing time when things quieten down stock is often filled up for the next day and you can bag a bargain.
2.Know Your Sizes and Measurements 
As we all know sizes vary from shop to shop so you need to have all your measurements to hand. This saves valuable shopping time and saves you from buying something that doesn’t fit – take your tape- measure with you. Also you don’t have to battle with fitting- room chaos!
3.Look Through Your Wardrobe First 
Although it’s everyone’s dream to find that perfect bargain that’s also a perfect fit and will be invaluable, more often than not we give in to temptation and buy just because its cheap, which means it’s not a bargain at all, especially if you already have several just like it in your wardrobe! Also look for evergreen classics that won’t date so that you can wear them again and again and in colours which will tone or match those that you normally choose.
4.Shoes and Boots – The Dangers!
Rule one is to check in your haste that you have one right and one left! It’s easy to grab two of the same in your excitement! Also you can’t alter shoes like clothes and the wrong fit makes them unwearable. With boots ensure that they fit comfortably around your calves.
Successful sales shopping is down to forward planning more often than luck, so use our tips to help you to get the best bargains.                                                                                              

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