March 25, 2014

Mother’s Day is all about showing your mum how much you care about her. It doesn’t need to mean expensive gifts and lavish treats. It’s much more important to give her something she will really enjoy and appreciate. Just how much thought you put into it I your choice. So don’t break the bank – be innovative!

1.    Presentation is all 

A pretty floaty scarf in her favourite colour that can be worn right through spring into summer, would please most mums. Gift wrap it in a pretty box, and attach a home-made card.

2.    Pamper Party

For some mums a pamper session would be a perfect treat.  If your budget wont stretch to a spa weekend, look out for pamper events in the local press.  These are often part of a charity event, so you can make your mum feel special while doing your bit for a good cause. Pamper evenings are great fun and are a fraction of the cost of an expensive salon. 

3.    Picture this

Most Mums love photos.  Pictures of you and your siblings or children in a pretty frame would make a lovely gift.  Mother’s Day is all about treating your mum, so anything however simple, is a winner if it suits your mum.

4.    Flower Power

If flowers really make your mum happy, then a bouquet is a great gift. Chose Spring blooms that smell lovely.  Just make sure they aren't from the local garage! 

The secret to a Mother’s Day your mum will always remember is to match your gift to your mum’s personality. However much or little you have to spend, the only thing you need to do is show your mum how much you care. 

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