March 25, 2015

Looking a million dollars doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune on your wardrobe. Looking classy is much more attainable, even on a budget. Here are our top five tips to help you look amazing without blowing your salary!

(1)  Quality Details
Often what defines chain store from couture buttons! Expensive clothes have good quality and well attached details and extras. It’s easy for you to replace cheap quality buttons with better, and attach with cotton not plastic thread. Good belts will also make a cheap outfit classier than the one provided.

(2)  Tailoring
Not as expensive as you might imagine and the way to ensure a reasonably priced garment really fits you and your shape. Designer clothes always fit perfectly, however unconventional your shape because they’re cut to fit you. Look for repair shops and tailors on the High Street. It’s the way to give budget clothes real class.

(3)  Classic shapes and styles
Avoid glitzy extras and fashions that will only be short term. Well-fitting separates will last and you can mix and match them, altering the look to suit the occasion with accessories.

(4)  Add a touch of class
Add a touch of class to an inexpensive outfit. Add an unusual or eye catching piece of jewellery or belt. Beautiful shoes will also draw the attention.  Keep the outfit simple so the accessories steal the show.

(5)  Brighten blacks
Revitalise faded black items that are in otherwise good condition with home dye. Dyes are really simple to use now a days in the washing machine.

Pay attention to details and follow fashion magazines to see how they get their million dollar look. As you can see looking a million dollars on a budget is perfectly possible with a bit of care and forward planning.  

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