July 22, 2017

by Chris Smith

Imagine a holiday where you can travel and arrive with just one small suitcase or holdall, instead of struggling with far more outfits than you’ll ever wear in that small amount of time. This probably seems an impossible dream, but it’s easy to do with a few clever tips to help you to create a capsule wardrobe choosing a few versatile pieces which can be worn together to create several different looks. Layering is really useful if the weather is unpredictable, and so is sticking to a few colours which will work together, plus a pair of basic black cotton trousers and shorts or skirt. Travel in a lightweight jacket or cardigan to save luggage room.

Here are our top tips to help you choose-

  1. A Wrap Style Dress
    A versatile style and really great for sightseeing, shopping and also for beachwear. Choose either a plain jewel colour which you can match your accessories to or a pretty colourful print. Team with cotton espadrilles for a true holiday look. For evenings glam up your look with high strappy sandals and a bag to match.

  2. A Pair of Silky Plain or Patterned Harem Pants
    Great for lounging around in, or for walking and eating out, worn with a tee shirt or maybe a halter necked top. Easy to wash in the hand basin and quick to dry in the sun. Add some sparkly jewellery for evenings.

  3. Cotton Espadrilles
    Travel well and comfortable too, these are ideal holiday wear. They go well with all your clothes and are washable and sponge-able, and take up very little room.

  4. A Kimono Style Jacket
    These are really good for chilly evenings, or for a light cover over beach and swimwear. Also an easy look for evenings with black trousers.

  5. A One-Piece Swimsuit
    Even if you don’t swim, a one piece makes a good top under a tee shirt or an over-sized shirt, with shorts or jeans, and of course sunbathing and swimming. Wash and dry overnight.

  6. Essential Accessories
    Finally, a basket type bag, maybe a classic straw one with a waterproof lining, for putting all your beach wear and picnic items in. Sunglasses and a large hat, maybe to match your bag, and to shade your face from the sun. Treat yourself to some show-stopping jazzy earrings to complete the full holiday look. 

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