December 13, 2015

The type of coat you choose for winter not only on the style you prefer but also on your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time waiting at the bus stop you’re going to need a cosy all-weather one, whereas if you usually travel in a car door to door you can choose a lighter style. Here’s a guide to our favourites.

1.Padded Lightweight
Usually waterproof and with a hood and more for day to day wear than occasions. Loose fitting, even if belted, and ideal for wearing over layers. Although not the height of fashion these are cosy and warm and great if you are going to spend lots of time outside.
2.Swing Coat
A cross between a cape and a coat, it reaches to just below your hips. Ideal to wear over layers and with trousers or leggings, choose a warm fabric such as wool or a wool mix. Swing coats are a top fashion choice this year.
3.Duster Coats
Long light-weight and loose-fitting coat which is an extra layer. They come in a variety of fabrics from light wool to thicker materials. Thick is good for daywear and in maybe a diaphanous jersey or chiffon that gives a flattering floating look over glamorous evening wear. A very popular style this winter.  
4.Fitted and Belted
If you want a smart coat for work then onto evening a mid-length fitted and belted style with a warm high collar is for you. Choose a neutral dark colour like dark grey or maroon or the ever popular black, which you can change the look of with colourful accessories. A cosy warm wool mix will keep you snug.
5.Shawls and Ponchos
If you’re not keen on coats and prefer a jacket or something lighter and don’t have to worry too much about the weather, shawls and ponchos are a great choice. Very popular this year and in a wide choice of colours and fabrics there’s one for every occasion from giving an extra layer over woollies to a more glamorous look and fabric over evening wear.
This is just a small selection of this year’s coats. Choose your favourites and keep warm!

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