September 05, 2016

So you’ve just returned from a great holiday and yes, it’s back to reality and your normal routine, but also to your lovely comfy bed and all your home comforts. So yes it feels like autumn but although it gets dark earlier and there’s a chill in the air the weather is still summery for a while yet. So let’s make the most of the sun and carry on that holiday feeling – no hiding under  the duvet feeling wistful!

​Here are our top five ways to banish those blues…

 1. Rule Number 1
Unpack the day after you return, don’t delay! Your cases are probably full of souvenirs and oddments, apart from dirty washing so the sooner you sort it the better. Clean out your cases and put away. Then call your best friend and tell her how great it is to be home again. Arrange a special evening out so you have something special to look forward to on that first day back at work.

2. Wear Your Most Summery Clothes
This week is meant to be warm and sunny so show off your tan and don’t let others persuade you to pack away summer. You can put on a few light layers under your pretty dresses and wear a shrug for chilly evenings.
3. Get Outside!
Take a picnic for tea when you collect the kids from school, and go to the park. Take your lunch break in the fresh air, even if it’s sitting on a bench in the high street. If you have a garden, get out there as much as possible and soak up those rays! Maybe sit and read a book in the sun – there will be plenty of time for chores and TV when winter comes. The beach is beautiful and quiet now the holiday season’s over so why not go for a paddle!

4. Plan Your Winter Wardrobe
Get on the internet and see what everyone’s going to be wearing next season, even if you’re a bit short of funds. With fashion trends coming round year after year you may already have something that’s bang up to date again. Make a list of what you’d love to wear and plan what you can get rid of to make room.

5. Find a New Hobby Or Interest
Whether it’s something you can do in the evening like craft or dressmaking or maybe an evening class, make a resolution to improve your skills and have fun this winter. If you can afford a holiday after Christmas then book it now- it’s all about looking forward and not back although it’s nice to remember the summer.

So come on let’s all enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

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