June 05, 2015

Most of us ignore our feet during the cold winter months. Cosy socks and boots mean we only really notice how we’ve neglected them when summer’s here and the shops are full of pretty sandals – holidays are on the way!

Here are our top five tips for busy girls who don’t have time for film star foot maintenance but want pretty summer feet.

1.    Exfoliate
Once a week get rid of hard skin with an exfoliating scrub and use a foot file on hard skin areas such as heels and under the joints of your big toes. Do before you have a bath or shower when feet are dry as water reduces friction. Also dry feet thoroughly – fungal infections thrive on damp skin.

2.    Moisturise
This is a daily task. Use a thick moisturiser, rubbing in well. It only takes a few minutes and prevents cracks and splits. Apply at bedtime and wear cotton socks to lock in the moisture.

3.    Avoid Gadgets
There are a variety of pedi-rollers available to tackle hard skin but you can do just as good a job with a simple file and pumice stone – cheaper and just as effective if done regularly.

4.    Nail Care
Cut nails straight across avoid them becoming in-grown. Dry well especially under the tips. File often then you may not need to cut very frequently. Wear pretty polish but allow your nails a rest from time to time. Slather on the cream before reapplying.

5.    Seek Help
For corns and fungal infections it’s well worth a visit to the podiatrist. Painful feet spoil any kind of exercise and even walking shows in your face when your feet hurt. If you suffer from bunions or other foot deformities regular visits are a good idea.

If foot care becomes part of your daily routine you’ll have beautiful comfortable feet to show off in pretty sandals and a smile on your face!

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