March 02, 2016

Easter’s nearly here and the weather is improving, with British Summer Time officially starting over Easter weekend. So with a bit of time off from our usual routine it’s a perfect opportunity to sort out your wardrobe for warm and sunny days ahead! But where to begin? Here are our top five tips to help you to get into a spring mood, and your outfits sorted.

​1.Empty Your Wardrobe
Lay everything out on your bed and be brutal about what you want to keep and wear again.  Put those other things in a big bag- we’ll deal with those later! Now check each item for missing buttons, hanging cottons etc., and replace, putting them in categories. Now you know just what you have to wear you can make a list of what you will need.
2.Check Your Summer Footwear
You probably threw your sandals in the bottom of your wardrobe at end of last summer- now ask yourself ‘can I really wear these again’?  Any strappy ones and those in good condition probably just need polishing and heeling to make them summer ready. Clean white trainers and plimsolls with special cleaner. Again add what you need to your shopping list.
3.Dry Cleaning
There are often 3 for 2 offers at the dry cleaners in the spring and it’s often on special occasion wear which you can’t wash at home that gets marked. Don’t wait until you need to wear that special item again before you notice those grubby marks! Also how about getting your winter coat cleaned so it’s ready for autumn?
4.The Whole Picture!
Do you own a full length mirror? If not you never get a true picture of your outfit and whether you’ve achieved a balanced look. You don’t need to buy an expensive one and it doesn’t need to be in your bedroom – on a plain wall and in a good light is fine.
5.That Bag of Clothes!
We hadn’t forgotten! Maybe you have a good friend you could do a swap with- she may love something you never liked wearing. If you’re good at sewing you may be able to alter it to be more 2016. If not be brutal and donate them to a charity shop. You need the space so don’t hang on to them. Now put your list somewhere, then when you have the cash you can shop to your hearts delight, and your wardrobe won’t be filled with items you didn’t need and will never wear.

​Even if Easter weather’s not very spring-like you know that you won’t have to wait for long until the days are longer and you can pack away those boring winter clothes.

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