October 20, 2014

Autumn seems to have come early this year and so it’s time to accept the inevitable – summer is over and you need to sort out your wardrobe before the temperatures drop.  Here are five top tips from our clothing care expert, Chris:

1.    De-clutter

A new season is a great opportunity to get rid of all those things you won’t wear again.  The impulse buys that you didn't really like when you got home, clothes that are a bit too worn to wear again this season, and anything you know you’ll never actually wear.

2.    Maintenance and Repair

Now your wardrobe only contains items you will wear again, and is clutter free it’s time to repair. Check for loose or lost buttons, un-stitched hems and seams that need mending.  Wash anything that looks dingy along with those summer clothes you are putting away.

3.    Organise!

Next while it’s empty, clean inside the wardrobe.  Then put the clothes back in order of types, for example all skirts together. Try to hang as much as possible, as this cuts down on ironing, and keeps delicate fabrics in better condition.  Being organised not only preserves your clothes but makes it easy to find your clothes in a hurry.

4.    Foot Wear

Clean boots and shoes and check to see if any need repairs or heeling. Protect winter shoes with waterproof spray for wet and snowy days.  Clean and pack away summer shoes and flip flops ready for next year.

5.    Now you can go shopping!

Your wardrobe is clean and clutter free! Now the fun part – list out items you need such as warm jumperslong sleeved dresses or scarves.  Shop to complement the items you already have hung in your wardrobe.

Now you are all ready for the new season!

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