June 10, 2017

We all take our feet for granted and in winter, hidden in socks and boots, they get a rough deal! Then suddenly it’s summer, and once those layers are peeled off, the real truth is revealed! So, we’ve put together an easy home pedicure which you can do from the comfort of your chair and using a lot of products that you probably have in your bathroom already.

  1. Preparation
    Soak a cotton wool pad in nail varnish remover and remove all old polish, using a cotton bud to go around each nail. Use a foot file to slough away uncomfortable hard patches of dry skin especially found on balls of feet and heels. Also treat backs of heels, where maybe dry skin has built up from socks chaffing in cold weather. Your job is done when the skin is pale pink.

  2. Soaking
    If you own a foot spa this is the time to actually use it! If not put some shower or bath gel into a large bowl and add luke warm water, then plunge your feet in and relax for ten minutes. You can add a handful of Epsom salts too, which will help to soften skin even more. Now dry thoroughly and you’re ready for stage three.

  3. Moisturising
    Using a thick lotion, or special foot cream knead the pressure points on the soles to help you to unwind and destress, paying special attention to the skin between your toes and also your ankles, and make a resolution to moisture your feet every evening at bedtime.

  4. Reshaping Nails
    Trim and then file your toenails, using nail scissors and not a pair intended for a different purpose! If you prefer use nail clippers to square off the nail, snipping a little at a time, then gently file the corners. Don’t shape your nails too far down at each side as this can cause ingrown nails.

  5. The Final Stage
    Sweep a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover over each nail once again to remove any foot cream residue then (if you have one) pop on a foam toe separator or weave cotton wool between your toes. Apply base coat to prevent polish from staining your toes – start at the little toe on one foot and work your way across. By the time you reach the first toe again it’s ready to apply the next coat. Follow with two layers of colour in smooth even strokes. Finish with a good top coat, painting the polish over the edge of the nail for a long-lasting result.

​So now your feet should be far more comfortable and you can treat yourself to a beautiful pair of summer sandals!

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