August 26, 2015

Wearing high heels can instantly make us feel more glamorous. They give us confidence and add glamour to an ordinary outfit. They make us walk and stand differently and our legs look longer and shapelier. However heels can also cause a lot of discomfort as they force your toes into a narrow space – your pain will show in your face! Here are our top four tips to help choose the right heel type for you.

1.    Stiletto Heels
Stiletto heels are much loved for their glamour and always fashionable, and especially popular for special events and evening wear. Many women wear a high heel every day but it can take a bit of practice! It’s really important to have a good fit or you will develop blisters.

2.    Kitten Heels
Great if you want a low dainty heel, the heel curves inwards. Ideal for special occasions when you want glamour but not height. Again in lots of styles and colours. 

3.    Wedge Heels
These can be a more comfortable way of adding height if you’re not confident in heels. The sole and heel are all in one piece so once you get used to walking on a flat yet raised surface are very popular, hence their use for summer shoes and sandals. They are usually made of rubber or cork, and can be suitable for leisure and dressed up occasions.

4.    Ballerina Pumps
Very popular and ideal for popping in your bag, to change into if you go to a special occasion in high heels. Great for dancing although being completely flat can make the backs of your legs ache.  It’s worth looking for those which are padded inside or you’ll feel every stone. There are lots of pretty pumps available, so if you’re not confident in heels these can be a great option. 

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