May 10, 2015

Scarves are a great way to give an outfit a new look. In matching or contrasting colours, using the various scarf types and patterns you can jazz up any outfit.

Here are five scarf types and the ways you can wear them to your advantage.

1.    Skinny Scarves
Draped around the neck and in a vibrant colour, skinny scarves, in a silky material can make a black or navy work suit really come alive. Avoid tying them under the chin as this tends to make your neck look shorter - rather loosely drape.

2.    Kerchiefs
Worn in the neck of a shirt or blouse they add a dash of colour!  This look is really popular with lovers of vintage styles. These scarves can also be tied around your hair for a 1940s look. 

3.    Headscarves
Not the type your gran used to wear after a shampoo and set! Think Audrey Hepburn, think glamour! Headscarves can provide the perfect frame to your face in a colour that flatters your skin and eyes an in a soft material they are useful for holiday wear and chilly evenings.

4.    Oversized Scarves
More flattering if you’re a bit taller as they can swamp a small frame. Worn with a mid-length dress or trousers these can look great - it’s all about balance. As an extra layer use instead of a coat or jacket, in a pretty pattern and colour – this will brighten up a plain or dark outfit. Go for shades of soft pastels or bright jewel tones.

5.    Cosy Shawls
Usually made of a warm soft and usually a knitted fabric again they can replace a jacket. Eveningwear looks more glamorous when you drape a pretty shawl around your shoulders. 

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