April 01, 2020

by Jade Fothergill​

Slightly warmer weather and longer days makes us want to unfurl like shimmering butterflies from our winter cocoon of jumpers, tights and gloves. Attention, perhaps, turns to ways of bringing a little colour into our lives. There’s no better way to do that than to have some fun with new nail ideas: Here are our favourite five manicure styles that we’ve seen trending on the runways and fashion capitals. Go on, do a Lizzo. “Hair toss, check my nails…”

Creamy Lilac
We HEART all shades of purple, but this season’s creamy lilac nails (designers are calling the colour things like ‘bleached mauve’ and ‘subdued violet’) are just too delicious – suits every skin tone and looks good on long and short nails, this is definitely the easiest way to be bang on trend this spring!

Glitter Dip
Kind of like a sparkly French manicure – rather than covering your whole base coat in glitter just slick it on the tips of your nails, letting the dividing line fall where it may, as if you’ve just dipped the tops of your fingers in a pot of glitter! Pretty!

Metallic Geometrics
The edgiest of this spring’s nail looks, chrome or gold accents strike a bold look on a white background. Choose the thinnest strips of silver, triangles of titanium or drops of rose gold. You can go art deco inspired, on the palest pink base coat, or full-on Grace Jones, with silver leopard print across a matte black background. Either way, it’s all about the metal.

Dried Flowers
Remember picking buttercups and daisies to press when you were a child? Did you slip them between a heavy book’s pages or did your mum have one of those presses, with the little screws in each corner? This trend brings back memories of daisy chains and forget-me-nots: Tiny dried flowers are used as you would a nail sticker and sealed with a glossy top-coat. Totally romantic and adorable.

Easter Egg Mismatch
Think of the colours of sugar-coated chocolate eggs – pastel green, blue, pink and yellow – then gather your Easter egg rainbow and go wild on your nails – alternate colours or do each finger a different shade.

Which do you like? Are you brave enough to try them yourself at home or do you go to a salon? Show us your prettiest nails! We’d love to hear from you.

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