October 12, 2015

There are certain fashion rules that most of keep to, assuming that they are reliable, when often they’re just myths. We've chosen five that you can enjoy breaking...

​1. Sparkle is Only For Special Occasions
Obviously you can overdo the glitter, but a simple bit of sparkle can turn a plain outfit into a more interesting look. For example a sparkly belt or piece of jewellery or maybe a floaty scarf, teamed with a black dress or a top with a touch of glitter at the neck and matching ballet pumps with black trousers could be suitable work wear.

2. If You’re Tall You Can’t Wear Heels
If you’re tall you can either spend your life trying to look shorter by wearing flats and hunching your shoulders or you can be proud and wear beautiful heels the higher the better. As long as you can walk in them! Choose properly fitting shoes that are comfy and match the occasion, and walk tall.      

3. Stripes Make You Look Wide
Learn to love stripes because they’re everywhere this autumn and winter, especially on knitwear and knitted dresses. Vertical and horizontal are both popular! Best look is to team one item with a plain block colour, say a plain skirt or leggings with striped top, or maybe a striped jacket with plainer outfit underneath.

Pastels Are Only For Summer  
Don’t feel you can only wear dark colours once summer is over. Brighten up your winter wardrobe with some pastel shades. Pretty baby pink is particularly popular this Autumn, from coats to trouser suits. Soft cream also goes beautifully with this season’s khakis and browns.

Don’t Wear a Poncho if You’re Small
Ponchos and shawls were popular in the spring and now they’re back with attitude! They are an ideal warm layer until you’re ready to wear a coat they come in a variety of thicknesses, colours and patterns. If you’re not the tallest of people and worry about looking swamped in fabric try adding a belt.

Fashion rules really are made to be broken!

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