December 28, 2015

With Christmas over and 2016 fast approaching there’s a perfect opportunity to make some simple fashion changes that could really help us to feel good about ourselves. Here are the five resolutions we’ll be making this year:

1.Dress For You
How often is your look influenced by what you think your friends will say or by what you’ve always thought suits you? Why not make 2016 the year that you try a new look. You can do it gradually, with say wearing a different style of dress, for instance fitted and belted instead of loose, or maybe a different length. Maybe you always wear trousers try a skirt or dress? Try those styles you’ve always loved but never worn.
2.Don’t Believe The Fashion Myths
So many myths are based on old-fashioned ideas. Resolve to ignore them and try different styles and looks - it’s the only way you’ll know if it suits you. Ignore the don’ts and shouldn’ts and put your own spin on the season’s fashion trends.
3.Try Colour
We all love black and it’s often a great choice, but not for every occasion. Colour can really lift your mood, even if it’s just a pretty scarf. Try soft pink and teal, peach and lavender. Strong jewel colours can transform a plain dark outfit and once you have the confidence to wear colour your accessories can be the dark shades, and the vibrant the main part of your wardrobe.
4.Take Care Of Your Clothes
Keeping your best clothes for special occasions may seem old-fashioned but often these have cost more and are worth extra care. Change when you get home and put on hangers. Resolve to do simple repairs such as loose or missing buttons and hanging hems with all your clothes. Sponge off marks or launder and hang or fold. As for footwear keep heels repaired and clean before putting away. If you have items you never wear or maybe bought on impulse and don’t like take them to the charity shop!
5.Resolve To Look Your Best Now! 
If you’re aiming to change your shape or lose weight in 2016, don’t wait to dress well until you reach your target. Wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to, in order to boost your self-esteem. Looking good now makes you more likely to succeed, or maybe learn to love yourself the way you are.
Make 2016 the year you break away from old and boring and embrace the new year with style and confidence!

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