August 29, 2016

​It seemed like summer would never come and now it’s finally here we’re all moaning that it’s too hot, except if you’re lucky enough to be on holiday! It can be quite difficult to stay cool and comfortable when life goes on as normal but there are simple ways to keep cool however hot it gets.    Here are our top five tips to staying cool as a cucumber. 

1. Choose Your Fabric
Natural breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are cool and don’t make you sweat, like polyester and viscose. Also white and pastel colours deflect the heat rather than retain it like black and dark colours. Summer is all about looking cool and feeling light and unencumbered with the weight of layers so enjoy the freedom of light fabrics.

2. Loose Styles That Don’t Cling Are Cooler
Summer is dress weather – even if that’s not your normal style.  This is the perfect time to buy a few, especially at this end of the season, when there are lots of bargains to be had. Tea dresses and shift dresses are cool and comfortable, give you a good shape without clinging, and are ideal for any occasion. If you don’t want to go bare legged leggings or shorts are fine underneath, or how about a cool floaty maxi-dress – for cool evenings wear with a shawl or shrug, or a denim jacket.

3. Sportswear That Doesn’t Make You Sweat
There’s been a real revolution in the fabrics used to make sportswear, in fact many girls choose to wear exercise wear all the time for leisure. The fabric used that locks in perspiration leaving you cool and comfortable is ‘dry wicking’ and although it’s more expensive than lycra and polyester it also keeps its shape better.

4. Cooling Down Quickly!
An old but effective tip is to run your wrists under the cold tap and plunge your feet into cold water. No time for a shower? Sponge all over with cool water and dry off naturally, then spray all over with your favourite scented body spritz before getting dressed.

5. Hats!
Okay, so you never wear hats but when the sun’s burning down you need to be so careful not to burn and a wide brimmed hat shades your face and your shoulders, and also keeps your head cool. In a pastel colour and made of straw you soon love your hat!

​So use our simple tips and enjoy the rest of summer.

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