February 19, 2015

Here at Apples and Pears we love a dress! And as spring is on its way it means that it will soon be time to stock up on some fab new styles for the new season.  If you don’t usually think of yourself as a dress person, then check out our guide to finding the perfect dress for your shape.

Perfect Pear Shapes
You are generally considered pear shaped if you wear a larger size on your bottom than your top. Show off that defined waist with a dress that’s fitted and flares at the hips. Pear shapes tend to have narrower shoulders than hips so you can add some balance with a jacket over the top of your dress. A skater style dress is ideal for you.

Lovely Heart Shapes
If you wear a larger size on your top than on your bottom and have wider shoulders than hips your best look is simple and classic. Shift styles can look fantastic, in crisp fabrics like cotton and linen or fine wool.

Amazing Apple Shapes
You have rounded shoulders and fullness in the tummy area, and shapely legs and ankles. Your perfect dress is straight and simple, with detail at the neckline and bottom hem. Don’t forget to draw attention to your amazing legs and team with great shoes.

Radiant Rectangles
This is you if your shoulders and hips are in line but don’t have a defined waist. Avoid belts and fitted waist bands and choose a straight uncluttered dress, in a geometric pattern or vertical stripes.

Adorable Hourglasses
Hour glasses have a figure that is in balance with bottom and top the same size with a defined waist. You look good in belted styles. The trick is to choose a dress that follows the lines of your body but doesn’t cling and in a soft fabric such as cotton or jersey. Wrap dresses are your best style.

Remember these are just some guidelines, and rules are made to be broken.  Experiment with different dress styles until you find something you love. 

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