August 06, 2015

So you’ve waited all year for your two weeks in the sun and at last it’s here. With it comes a great opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and dress in a different more adventurous style, to wear the pieces you think are not for you (although you’ve never actually tried them!) Holidays are all about freedom, not just from work but from the norm and all the familiar faces. So let our top free tips liberate you and help you choose your new holiday look.

1.    Beautiful Brights
Ditch your usual sensible blacks and pastels and choose bright jewel colours – colours you have maybe rejected until now. Red, orange aquamarine and emerald look fantastic with a tan and yellow really suits a darker skin tone. Indulge in beautiful multi coloured prints and patterns – team a rainbow top with black shorts or comfortable silky harem pants. Floral and oriental designs are really popular this year.

2.    Dress Up
Perfect holiday wear and in light fluid fabrics you’ll be amazed how comfortable dresses are if you normally live in work clothes or jeans and T shirts. Maxi dresses are really popular and leave your legs free and cool. For evenings choose cotton skater or shirt waister styles if you prefer knee length. Dress them up with pretty jewellery and accessories. Use new surroundings to experiment with new fashions and boost your confidence.

3.    Dare to Bare
You don’t need to have model girl looks to wear a bikini or swimsuit – when it comes down to it most people don’t! Feel the freedom and the fresh air on your skin, just remember plenty of sun lotion on those exposed parts.

Make 2015 the year you let your hair down and embrace the whole holiday experience. Take lots of selfies so you can remember how fabulous you looked when you get home. Relax and enjoy! Make this your best holiday ever.

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