October 05, 2015

Part of being a celebrity is to look good at all times and on every occasion whether on the red carpet or if caught shopping in Tesco! Although their lives are very different to ours, with money for designer clothes and experts to advise on clothes, hair and make-up there are style tips we can learn from them. 
1.    Think Kim K!
Kim Kardashian’s outfits regularly make the front pages.  But in actual fact she sticks to the same shapes and colours. She dresses mainly in neutral shades black, nude pinks, beige, grey, cream and white. Kim branches out into bright red and orange and jewel colours for special events – as they suit her olive skin and black hair. She usually wears figure hugging pieces but they are always a perfect fit. She has learnt to flatter her curves, not hide them.

So what can we learn from Kim?  Learn which colours flatter you most, and stick with them for a failsafe look.  And whilst most of us would stop short of wearing some of Kim’s more revealing looks, we should be proud of our curves!

2.    Classic Styling Like Emma Willis
Emma Willis’ style is so simple but always bang up to date. Her hair and make-up simple and natural but always stunning. Her clothes always fit perfectly, and are beautifully finished. 

Obviously as a TV star she probably has a far bigger budget to spend on clothes than most of us. But to channel Emma’s look, think simple. Your clothes should be really well fitting – don’t get hung up on always wearing ‘your’ clothes size.  Sizing in brands varies hugely.  Know your measurements and try on until you get a great fit.

3.    Dress You Way Like Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham is no follower of fashion. She has a quirky edge to her style, and always has a bit of an edge to her look.

We can learn from Lena, by wearing clothes that make us feel good, rather than what the fashion pages tell us to. Let your personality shine through!  

Each of these famous women has developed their own style of dressing and created their own ‘uniform’ of pieces they love in their own colour palette. You can do this.  Ignore flash in the pan trends and know your own style.

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