July 03, 2015

The wedding season is in full swing, but if receiving an invitation fills you with outfit based-fear rather than excitement then we can help! It’s all too easy to feel nervous about a special occasion that takes you out of your comfort zone especially if you’re not used to dressing up. So here are our five looks for wedding guests to help you create the perfect look so that you can relax and enjoy.

1.    Go Vintage
We all worry about another guest turning up wearing the same outfit - the answer for a more unique look is to go vintage. If you can’t find a genuine vintage outfit you like then style up contemporary items for a 1950s look. For example add an underskirt to a skater dress, a cool bag and maybe a fascinator. 

2.    Choose Light Fabrics
Weddings usually involve a lot of waiting around, maybe in scorching sun, for photos and socialising. The last thing you want is to feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Well-fitting outfits in fabrics that don’t easily crease, are best.

3.    A Bag For Essentials
Make sure you have room in your bag for the essentials - emergency make-up, camera, confetti and tissues of course! Choose one with a strap so that you can hold it for the photos and then hang it over your shoulder for dancing. 

4.    Be Economical
If you have several weddings to go to this summer its best to invest in a beautiful outfit of good quality, that’s a good fit, and ideally can be adapted for each occasion! Perhaps a neutral colour dress that you can add different colour accessories to for each event.

5.    Relax and Smile!
Knowing you look great and feel comfortable means you can just enjoy yourself. Take a pair of flat shoes or pumps to change into for the reception so you can dance the night away! 

Weddings can be a long and emotional day but hopefully a happy one which will show in all those photos!

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