April 06, 2015

When you are a mum of a small child it can be difficult to find time to make yourself cuppa let alone put together a great outfit every morning! And it’s not always practical to get too dressed up if you are going to be spending a lot of your day crawling round the floor after a baby. But if you love fashion and would like to find a balance between practical and fashionable, we've got five top tips.

1.    Dress to Flatter Your Shape 
After having children your body shape changes. Learn to love the new you and choose your wardrobe accordingly. Don’t just choose clothes that are shapeless and practical – flatter your curves and experiment with different styles.

2.    Well Fitting Fashion 
You need clothes that mean you can crawl around with the kids in comfort, while still looking good. For a trip to the supermarket a light jacket in a neutral colour or in, say black that will go with dresses or just tops and trousers rather than a baggy cardigan is a real investment. 

3.    Easy Care Fabrics 
Go for fabrics that are quick to wash and dry and don’t cling onto stains and non-iron are best. Hang on hangers straight from the washing machine and most creases will drop out. Avoid fabrics that need to be dry cleaned. 

4.    Choose Your Accessories Carefully
Who doesn’t love handbags? No need to choose a frumpy shopper to carry around all the essentials that accompany children on the simplest outing. There so many roomy bags in pretty colours and styles – match or tone with your shoes. As for footwear comfort is vital and ballerina pumps are perfect when you are rushing about. Keep high heels for special evenings out, minus kids.

5.    Create A Uniform
Your own style of pretty and practical pieces that you can mix and match will make the dress-in-a-rush mornings so much easier, and is also budget friendly. Hang in your wardrobe in sections so that you can just choose and wear. Better still lay out your clothes the night before.

What do you think? If you are a mum of small children what are your tips for looking fab?

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