May 26, 2018

by Chris Smith

​Certain myths are passed down over the years many of which are just accepted.  We never bother to question them, blindly accepting that they must be true. The fashion industry is awash with them, most of which are just plain wrong! We’ve chosen five to prove the point.


  1. Baggy Clothes for Plus Size Bodies 
    The fashion rules for plus size women have always advised disguising your body under shapeless tent-like dresses and smocks.  Plus size fashion has come a long way in the past few years, but ‘the rules’ haven’t caught up! Never feel pressured into hiding your curves.  Likewise, if loose, ethereal and oversized is your look, embrace it.  Remember the only rule worth following is to wear what makes you feel good!

  2. Black Doesn’t Go with Navy 
    Back in your grandma’s time wearing these two together was a definite no-no, but more recently this look has become popular, with some designers for instance edging navy jackets with a black trim and vice versa. Also, while black is the smart look we all turn to it can look quite harsh, whereas navy is a softer look and just as smart.

  3. Patterns and Bright Colours Are Hard to Wear 
    Maybe you always choose plain fabrics assuming that patterns just aren’t your thing. Well this season is all about the crazy patterns and in a rainbow of bright colours. The safest way to wear them without feeling over the top is to concentrate with patterns on your top half, while picking out one colour for below the waist (or vice versa). An example of an outfit would be a patterned blouse in say pink, blue, white and black, teamed with a pink blazer and fitted black trousers. How about blue pumps or boots to complete the look? An alternative look would be to choose brightly coloured patterned leggings and then pick out one colour and use this for a plain top and jacket.

  4. Sportswear Worn as Leisurewear Is Scruffy
    A sporty look doesn’t have to look scruffy.  The Athleisure trend - comfortable yet well-fitting clothes which you would wear to exercise in, whether you go to the gym or not, but in better quality fabric and bright colours – is here to stay. Or you could pick out some of the look to wear alongside jeans, jumpers and shirts from your normal wardrobe with smart leggings and sports trainers.  You can even mix tailored pieces to create the new Athleisure look.

  5. Don’t Wear Gold and Silver Jewellery Together 
    Most fashion experts would say you should choose either silver or gold and not both together when there’s no reason! So ignore the rules and mix them up especially fine bracelets and rings.

​So, in future break the rules and experiment - it’s more fun to create your own look!

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