January 09, 2017

We all make them every year and then break them a few weeks later, because we choose to aim for impossible goals!

​So let’s break the mould this year and pick five really useful ways to change things for the better. Goals that are easy to keep and think how smug you’ll feel in a year’s time!

1.Night Wear Is For Bedtime Only!
We’ve all done it - snuck out to the supermarket in your PJs, only to bump into someone you haven’t seen in ages!  So pledge to keep those fleecy PJs you got for Christmas and that super cuddly dressing gown with the hood for home! Resolve to leave out a simple tidy set of next day clothes every evening to prevent leaving the house looking scruffy, even if you’re running late.
​NB. I may have broken this one already...

2.Footwear- Keeping It In Good Condition
It only takes a few minutes every evening to give shoes a wipe or a polish and to check for rundown heels and scuffed toes. It’s in your interest to care for them and preserve them – with fashions changing so quickly its often impossible to find a similar replacement. Trainers and plimsolls can be scrubbed and some can go in the washing machine. Replace heel tips when necessary before they get too worn down. If any shoes get caught in a shower, pack tightly with newspaper and leave in the airing cupboard to dry out. Ideally have a shoe rack in your wardrobe to keep special occasion shoes. Clean boots (especially leather ones) with polish and maybe protect from the wet with water repellent spray.

3.Laundry Tips
Most fabrics nowadays retain their colour, even bright shades but over time some will leach out and bright will become dull. Choose a laundry liquid that retains and protects colour. Always wash ‘whites’ separately to keep their brightness. A white tee-shirt that’s now dingy grey isn’t a good look.  It’s well worth using fabric conditioner, to keep fabrics soft and to smell fresh. Towels as rough as sandpaper would not be anyone’s choice. Ironing’s a chore and can often be avoided if you hang freshly laundered clothes on hangers to retain their shape, and soon dry in a warm room.

4.Embrace Your Shape 
Many of us start each year resolving to change our appearance, focusing on the negatives – the things we like least about ourselves. This year pledge focus on the positive. Enhance the things you like about yourself. Instead of putting off wearing clothes you love until you are a certain size, take some time to find styles you love.  Work out what makes you feel good and enjoy how great a new outfit can make you feel.

5.Organise Your Handbag 
We all fill them with a load of unnecessary bits and pieces for those ‘Just in case ‘emergencies, the result being that your bag weighs a ton and you probably don’t have room for the things that really matter. So tip out that bag, clean and start again with the day to day essentials. If you swap your bags to match your outfit keep a basic kit of essentials in each bag.
So that’s our top five resolutions – how many do you think you can keep?!

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