February 16, 2015

We believe that great fashion should make you look and feel fab! We love sharing tips and ideas with you and always encourage you to try something new. So this week we are busting some fashion myths that prevent us from trying a new look. Surprise yourself and give them a try.

1. Some Trends Only Suit the Tall and Skinny
We mean myths such as ‘curvy women shouldn't wear stripes’ or ‘small women should wear small prints and larger women large prints’. If you like a new trend it’s always worth giving it a try. As long as the item fits well and balances your look you may well get a nice surprise. Check out your favourite fashion bloggers for ideas on how to incorporate the latest styles to suit you. We post our favourite blogs on our Facebook page every weekend, so if you are looking for some great fashionistas to follow that’s a good place to start.

2. Opt For Classics
How boring! Of course it’s a good idea to invest in a sensible staple wardrobe as there will always be basic items you wear but it’s fun to team these with different, less sensible pieces.

3. Flat Shoes Equals Comfort
Definitely not true! Those ballerina pumps that look really comfy can actually make your legs ache and your feet sore. A low to medium height heel can be more balanced and while flats are great for short periods a small heel or wedge is kinder on your back too.

So let’s bust these myths and break the rules! Which fashion rules do you like to break?

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