August 26, 2018

By Chris Smith​

Finding pretty, comfortable and well-fitting bras can be a minefield. Sometimes comfortable doesn’t provide enough support, or you find the perfect fit, but it costs a fortune! And on top of that sizing can be really confusing. Does it have to be so complicated?! Let’s take a look at some of the myths and put them right.

  1. Should I Wear A Bra to Sleep In?
    Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw made this practice popular some years back.  Many women sleep in a bra, thinking the support will prevent their breasts from sagging when in actual fact it’s neither necessary or a good idea. This is because during sleep under-wiring may move and damage breast tissue and restrict lymph nodes.  If you like to feel supported when you sleep, then a safe alternative choice is a sleep support bra.

  2. Should I Wear the Same Bra Two Days in a Row? 
    It’s best to have a few bras to wear in rotation, as they contain elastane each needs to rest to enable it to stretch back into shape for a couple of days and to revert back to its natural shape. Also, to prolong the quality dry flat after hand washing, and never tumble dry.

  3. Bras Should Be Washed After Every Wear?
    This is a matter of opinion but unless your work makes you seriously hot and sweaty there really is no need to wash bras each time you wear them – knickers do but bras don’t and every two or three wears in a row is plenty.

  4. Does it Matter How You Put Your Bra On? 
    There are two main theories about how you should put on your bra. One is to lean forward and put breasts in then reach back and clip shut. The other is to put bra on upside down then flip the cups upwards and fasten. This second method can damage the bra by causing the underwire to poke out of the bra as well as stretching the band.

  5. How Tight Should a New Bra Be? 
    All bras tend to stretch over time so start on the loosest hook then you can tighten. The under-band should sit parallel around your back without riding up and it should be snug fit. Straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders and not dig in.

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