July 28, 2018

What better way to celebrate this glorious summer weather than to brighten up your wardrobe.  Experiment with summery colours –whether its head to toe in rainbow brights or a few colourful accessories, fashion has never been more colourful.        

Let’s take a look at how colour can take us out of a neutral comfort zone and into a true rainbow holiday mood!

  1. Sunshine Yellow 
    A true summer colour which is warming and relaxing and brings about a holiday feeling even if you are not going any further than the garden! Giving you a feeling of happiness and making a real change from the barbie pink which has dominated the fashion scene for the past few years. Try one of the various shades and layer.

  2. Red – From Scarlet to Raspberry 
    Red can seem a bit overpowering, so break it up by incorporating it into maybe stripes or patterns or team a red skirt, or trousers with a more neutral top. Red is another real colour of summer and it’s great for accessories such as handbags or shoes and can turn a plain dress into something really special. Red is a really confident colour and can be great in situations where you need an extra boost.

  3. Citrus Orange 
    Another sunshine colour which is also energising. A warm peach is perfect if a brighter orange feels a bit bright for you. You could then team with orange bag belt and shoes. Coral toned jewellery is also a perfect way to add a splash of colour to pale and pastel tones.

  4. Lavender and Lilac 
    All shades of lilac are this year’s top colour. Light hues can feel feminine and romantic whilst darker shades feel more sophisticated and go especially well with white. Perfect for dressy occasions such as weddings and a real change from pink.

  5. Green – Nature’s Choice
    This year’s greens are more yellowy and mossy and go really with white.  Build up your outfit with layers of different tones.

Even if you normally wear more neutral shades, give the some of this summer’s bright shades a go.  Whatever your hair and skin tone all of these colours, play around with different shades until you find one that feels right on you.  

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