January 03, 2017

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the screening of the Body Positive film Embrace, organised by the awesome ladies at Positively Perfect.

The film shows the hugely likeable Taryn Brumfitt’s journey around the world, looking at women of all shapes and sizes and their attitudes to their bodies.  Her inspiration is her young daughter, and her hopes that she will not grow up to hate her body.

The film showed how society and the media make women ashamed of their bodies, showing images which have often been altered to suit their idea of perfection, leaving us to feel unattractive and second best. The Body Image Movement is on a quest to change the way society and the media depict beauty; telling us we need to lose weight, reduce wrinkles and fight cellulite, the aim being to match the appearance of an image they’ve created.

Taryn Brumfitt has since set up The Body Image Movement which aims to rewrite and present an alternative picture of beauty and to stop the prejudice shown to women whose bodies differ to the ones portrayed as being the correct and desirable size and shape.

The film is not specifically aimed at the plus size audience, (although several plus size women feature) it’s for all women, at all weights and dress sizes.  I’m sure some will be disappointed that the film doesn’t delve into areas such as fat acceptance and health at every size, but that’s not really its aim.  It certainly paves the way for someone to do a film like that (and I hope they do!)

Overall, I’d recommend it as a really uplifting film that makes you think about how the media around you impacts on your own body image.

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