June 12, 2015

If you've always had to wear a uniform for work and a new job means you don’t have to, deciding what to wear can be a bit of a nightmare. "How can I look professional and smart without being overdressed?" The easy answer is to create a capsule wardrobe of suitable items that you can mix and match, making it easy each morning to decide what to wear. Look carefully when you go for your interview what everyone is wearing – smart or fairly casual, then if you get the job you’ll have a good idea what the norm is. Here are our top five tips to help you create the perfect workday look.

1.    How Smart do I Need to Look?
Look at what future colleagues wear when you go for your interview. Is everyone wearing suits or is it more smart-casual? If you have a rough idea what the norm is, it will really help with first week nerves.  You can unleash your more interesting outfits once you've settled in. 

2.    Professional and Smart
Once you know how to dress you can choose items you feel comfortable wearing. If you’re happiest in dresses choose simple styles and colours and a jacket to match or contrast. Your capsule wardrobe could also include tops and a skirt or trousers, so that you can ring the changes, depending on the temperature. A few pretty scarves are really useful.

3.      Comfort
Choose fabrics that don’t cling an crease,and items that are easy to bend and stretch in- fitted but not tight,especially if you have to sit for long periods.Comfort means you can concentrate on your work,knowing you look as good at five as you did at nine!

4.      Footwear  Comfortable legs and feet are vital – however flip-flops are are a no-no in any job! Rather than four inch heels try wedges or kitten heels.If you love your heels choose mid-height and never wear a new pair for a new job.If you cycle or walk to work travel in your trainers then change.

5.      Jackets
Wear a light jacket or maybe a sleeveless tunic  or bolero jacket which matches your other items,then you can wear short sleeves under. Simple and smart is the look you’re looking for.

 As you can see putting together your own ‘uniform’ isn’t as hard as it seems. Be guided by others – then you can get it right from day one, and you don’t need to spend a fortune.  

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