April 06, 2023

We had a ball when we recently welcomed two great friends to Apples & Pears HQ to model our current collection. 

Amanda Gilgil and Carol Nixon were fantastic to work with, happily slipping in to almost our entire range during the fun photo session. 

The pair have been mates for 24 years and the chemistry between them shines from the photos we took on the day. When you see how relaxed they both look when they model, it’s hard to believe Carol only took to the catwalk for the first time in February. 

Amanda has been modelling for longer, winning the People’s Choice Award in the Miss Voluptuous pageant in 2022. The pair would travel together to events as Carol’s daughter Ayisha models too, and Carol would come to watch.  

Amanda said: “I kept telling her she should get up on stage too. When we went to the Ever in Vogue event in February with Bunmi Osiberu they were short of busty models, so Carol agreed to take part.”  

Carol added: “I really enjoyed it and I got the chance to model four different designers on the catwalk. I was a little nervous but it was great.” 

Now it seems Carol has the modelling bug! 

As well planning a return visit to the Apples & Pears HQ, both her and Amanda are due to take part in charity modelling events across the country, including at the Avant-Garde Fashion Show in Scotland, where members of the Emmerdale cast will also grace the stage. 

They have also signed up to take part in the Eco Pageant later this year, which is led by Pageant Director Julie Knowles.

Amanda said: “All of our modelling work is done for charity, and it's good to think that we are helping somebody or some cause while we are doing it.” 

Carol added: “It really does give you a confidence boost and we love trying on all of the different outfits.” 

And the added benefit is it means the friends get to spend more time together. 

Amanda said: “It’s great to have found something we can do together. We talk every day and make sure we see each other at least once a week for our spa morning. That’s our time and it’s really special.” 

Carol continued: “We are really close and we always have something to talk about! Even when we haven’t seen each other face to face for a while when we do meet up it’s like we only saw each other yesterday. We share everything – I don’t think we have any secrets!” 

When asked to pick their favourite Apples & Pears outfit, neither could choose just one – they loved so many! 

Both were big fans of our blue and black denim dresses and our checked skater skirts, but Carol surprised herself with one item she fell for. 

“I don’t usually wear jumpers but I loved the ones I wore for the photoshoot. They were really light and comfortable,” she said. 

And for Amanda? “I loved the grey wraparound dress. It’s so easy to wear but there were so many pieces that we loved. It was great having the opportunity to try everything on.” 

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