November 23, 2015

Some fashion trends have a knack of returning every few years – even if they weren’t particularly attractive or practical the first time round! For instance right now, just as we have all decided that we love slim and skinny fit jeans – flares are making a come-back. Let’s have a look at three returners an see if you’ll fall for them all over again!


1.Those Flares!
At worst they cover your shoes and look like you’ve lost your feet! If you get caught in a storm they’ll flap around your ankles and get wet, and as they graze the ground the material will split. However if you love to be up to the minute you will be sure to invest in a pair this season. Fabrics range from linen to stiffer more structured cord or even denim.
2.Ripped Denim
It’s back and even more ripped and distressed than before! The designer brands are the genuine article, but some pairs of jeans shown recently were so ripped it’s a wonder they stayed on! Cheap versions have the rips too regular and in the case of distressed shading too patchy. Despite many being quite ugly they’re still massively popular again.
3.Gladiator Sandals
Even in fashion magazine pictures these look uncomfortable and clumsy – and probably are! Imagine how a normal pair of sandals can rub, then think how many blisters you could get with all those straps that chafe! Wear gladiator sandals all summer, and you could end up with some interesting patterns for tan lines! Be honest – do you really like them?
You might love or hate any or all of these trends. Either way when they’re replaced by others hide them at the back of your wardrobe - they’ll be back!

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