February 23, 2018

by Chris Smith

If you like wearing nice underwear, you’ll know that its important to look after them properly. Follow our guide to help you to keep all yours in good condition.
Let’s take a look at bra care first with five top tips:

  1. Wear A Clean Bra Every Day
    Switch each day, to stop the fibres getting stretched out of shape. A gentle wash to will help it to regain its shape for the next wear.

  2. Gentle Washing
    Ideally, always hand-wash as the washing machine is too rough and straps will get twisted. Also, it’s a lot gentler to simply soak in warm soapy water first as then you don’t need to scrub any marks. Hang to dry naturally.

  3. Store Correctly
    Don’t just throw bras in a draw and in a muddle! Also lay out straight and not folded in half – rather place them lengthwise or buy special drawer separators. It is especially important to keep underwires untwisted. Also close the clasps shut before storing to prevent twisting.

  4. If You Really Must Machine Wash
    Use a lingerie bag to prevent twisting and from snagging other items and use a gentle washing cycle. Do only small loads and light items like tights – heavier items will weigh them down and ruin them.

  5. Drying
    Never put your bras in the dryer or over a heater! The heat will warp them and break down the Spandex or Lycra leaving them stretched. Always hang them up to dry.

Often getting less cared for than bras they are just as delicate - even if made of cotton and not at all fancy. Here are our five top knicker care tips:  
  1. Wash by Hand
    Again hand washing is best. Soak in cold water first. Use a laundry bag if you must machine wash. Definitely wash silk and more delicate items by hand.

  2. Never Iron!
    Lay flat to dry, and if lacy ease the lace into the correct shape. Heat will cause crinkling.

  3. Avoid Fabric Softener
    This is too harsh for underwear. Also, never use bleach for stains. For stubborn stains a little white vinegar can sometimes work its’ magic.

  4. Wash Bright Colours Separately
    There’s no guarantee that expensive underwear will keep its colour to itself! Red and black are particularly susceptible to leeching dye even if they were designer prices.

  5. Own as Many Pairs as You Can Afford!
    This way you’ll always have more than you need so that you can take time to launder carefully.

Underwear care is well worth the effort and should mean your favourite undies last a lot longer. 

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