July 10, 2016

When you know you look good, you feel confident and ready to face the world. If you have a new situation to prepare yourself for – maybe meeting new people for a job interview or for a special date, for example.  Returning to work after having a baby can sap your confidence, you feel very different and it’s probably been a while since you tried on your work wardrobe! So new situations mean buying a few nice items to boost your confidence.  Then you can relax and concentrate on the job in hand!

Here are our top tips to help boost your confidence.

Here are our top five tips to help boost your confidence.
1.    Stand Tall 
First impressions tend to be the ones we build our opinions on. So for that big job interview don’t look at the ground and slump your shoulders. Put your shoulders back and walk tall! In situations where you feel nervous just remember – fake it til you make it!

2.    Research First
Whatever the occasion try to find out first what others will be wearing, whether it’s a social or more formal event. If you know that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion, it will take away last minute nerves. Pick an outfit in colour that you know makes you feel good. 

3.    Have An Outfit Rehearsal 
A couple of days before your event have a test run in front of a full length mirror. It’s the only way you’ll know if you have a scratchy label or if your skirt rides up when you sit down. You should feel as good as you look.  

4.    Choose The Right Accessories 
Invest in a mid-sized bag which will hold your essential items. Have a spare pair of tights in your bag in case you get a run. 

Above all be yourself – and be proud of who you are, but make sure it’s the best of you that you show the world, cool confident and capable.

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