August 16, 2016

Whatever kind of holiday you’re planning it’s really hard to resist the temptation to pack your entire wardrobe just in case, especially if you’re going somewhere the weather is unpredictable. But the whole point of a holiday is to take a break from the everyday routine, and all the trappings that go with it! Our message is to pack well and travel light!
Here are our top five tips to help efficiently.

  1. Choose Your Bag Carefully
    A bag or case you can’t carry yourself is  a real pain so have a trial run at home and imagine carrying it in the heat and in a hurry and in a strange place . It needs to be light-weight and with compartments and pockets. Tie a bright scarf or ribbon to the handles so you can recognise it on the carousel if you’re flying.

  2. Essentials First
    Pack your most important things first, like medication and toiletries, having decanted these into travel bottles. Then put into freezer bags and pack your underwear around them. Once you have these in you can then see how much space you have left. Even then try not to include too much of the things that turn your holiday into an extension of home! To really benefit from your break try new things- maybe a more adventurous dress or style and brighter colours.

  3. Mix and Match
    It’s not necessary to pack a different outfit for every day, if you pack cleverly! Choose pieces which go together so that you can create several different looks using the same items, separates ate the most versatile, and also a denim jacket and a special dress for evenings. Maxi dresses are good too – great for sight-seeing, beachwear or after dark. If you don’t like shorts divided skirts or cut-offs can be a good solution. Tunics can often double up for mini dresses, or for wearing over swimwear. Shop in local markets too and haggle for bargains!

  4. Layering
    Holidays in Britain or destinations with unreliable weather can be hard to pack for. The solution is to choose light thin layers which you can travel in and then discard, when hopefully you don’t need them. Leggings and this season’s oversized sized shirts are ideal holiday wear. Long sleeved cotton tops will go under or over anything – a warm layer without being bulky. Also a couple of light cotton jumpers could come in useful, and don’t take up a lot of room.

  5. Lists
    Even if you’re not a natural list maker you need to make a few to make sure you take all you need – and to cross items off as you pack them. Also a last minute list for those items that you’re using until you go, such as medication, mobile and cash. Divide your list into sections, such as clothes, toiletries and footwear. Don’t forget reading matter, but unless it’s a working holiday leave your lap-top at home. You can keep in touch with home on your phone.
A holiday needs to be a break from your normal life, so use our tips so that you come back relaxed and rejuvenated!

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