June 18, 2017

If you’re a seasoned traveller and take several holidays each year you probably have your packing down to a fine art – well organised and minimalist. If you only have one a year though you probably take far too many clothes, most of which will just stay in your suitcase. Even if you do travel regularly you may still be an over packer!  So we’ve put together our five top tips to make bulging and heavy cases a thing of the past, after all the whole holiday experience is supposed to be about rest and relaxation, and a break from normality. 

  1. Mix and Match
    Instead of thinking about single items, plan which other pieces they’ll go with. For instance, a top in a colour and style which will go well with trousers, leggings and a skirt. Shirts which can be knotted at the waist and worn over a tee shirt and jeans, or worn loose as a light jacket. Jeans that can be rolled up to double as shorts. Maxi dresses are always a good choice, for daytime sight-seeing and beachwear, and then dressed up with high heels and jewellery for evenings out.

  2. Underwear
    Calculate how many days you’re away and multiply by two for knickers, and with bras take one black, one nude and one strapless to be suitable for any outfits you take. That really is enough! Opt for shapes and styles that you are confident in and make you feel good.

  3. Comfort
    Allow for the days when maybe the temperatures are higher and you just need to be cool and comfy. Think about which fabrics will crease badly and choose those which don’t need ironing. Buy a special dress for evenings out but select light tried and tested pieces that you enjoy wearing and know you look good in.

  4. Footwear
    Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase and two pairs are plenty. Travel in smart shoes or sandals then you can pack two pairs of light sandals. A large cotton scarf for travelling can also double as a sarong on the beach. Never take new sandals that you haven’t tested for comfort first – heat makes your feet swell and the last thing you want is sore and blistered feet.

  5. Keeping Your Clothes Clean
    Hotel room shampoo can be used to wash underwear and gym wear in the sink. For cotton, silk and denim either spritz with a fabric refresher spray, from about 20 cms away and hang to release wrinkles to dry. For heavier items such as knits rub over with a tumble dryer sheet, then hang with a dryer sheet paced inside for additional freshness. Spend a few minutes each evening checking over items you can wear again, for spots and spongeable marks.

The key to good packing is to make a list as you pack so that you know just what you’ve put in your case and don’t need to do a last minute check. Finally make up your mind that this holiday is going to be your best ever! 

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