July 03, 2014

In a word no!  And there are some amazing shoes around this summer - something to please everyone.  There is no one rule or trend with shoes this year.

A lovely pair of heels can transform your legs and give you the confidence you need - especially for a special occasion. Jewel colours are really flattering and paired with a matching bag can give new life to a much loved outfit. 

Sculpted heels as high as you dare, chunky, stilettos or kittens are all in the shops this summer.  Pumps in every colour and even some with sling backs to give a summery twist to an old favourite. Sling backs add a bit of glamour to your outfit and are the ideal shoe for summer.

Wedge sandals are everywhere since Kate Middleton was pictured in Australia in hers.  If you don't often wear heels, wedges can be easier to walk in that some heeled styles, and are often more comfy.  Don't forget comfort is important, especially for an all day occasion.  A great tip is to wear a pretty pair of pumps to the venue and then change into your beautiful heels when you arrive. Its also a good idea to practice walking around at home if you don't wear heels often.

And finally don't forget the pedicure beforehand to get rid of your winter hooves!

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