December 14, 2016

A present is meant to be a treat, maybe a luxury, so clothes make an ideal gift providing you know the size. Style is easier as most people have their own special look and preference.

We’ve put our festive heads together and made a list of five top tips to help you chose that perfect gift for friends and family that they can enjoy wearing.

1.Browse Online
Do your research and look at the type of clothes they would love to receive, if possible with them sitting beside you! Or maybe brave the shops together, then return alone to buy. When you pay make sure you keep the receipt. Most stores will provide a special gift receipt just in case you get it wrong.

2.Size Unknown
Ok so you’re not sure whether to buy an 18 or a 20? Tops are always easier especially if you choose free-size, or maybe a cardigan in a fabulous colour. Perhaps they have admired something that you wear, or a special colour that they wouldn’t normally choose. Make your gift truly personal, one which you’ve taken time to select just for them.

Cosy Presents
A fleecy dressing gown is a great gift, and size isn’t such an issue. How about buying some slippers to match? For a smaller gift thick warm socks are always welcome this time of year, or slipper socks.

Scarves And Shawls
Whether you choose a thick knitted scarf or a pretty floaty style, a scarf always makes a good gift. A shawl or pashmina for evening wear could be something that they don’t own and haven’t considered wearing before. Choose a favourite colour of theirs, or maybe glamorous gold or silver!

Still Don’t Know What To Choose?
A handbag in the style they always choose always makes a good gift – practical yet personal. Maybe a purse to go inside as an extra. Of course failing all else a gift token for a favourite clothes would actually be a lot of peoples’ first choice – a treat to spend in the January sales. 

So as you can see clothes as presents are a great idea and so much more interesting than toiletries or chocolates.

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