November 28, 2016

We all love to wear black – versatile and flattering and a colour you can wear all year round, and most of us have a wardrobe full of black items!

There are all shades too with different fabrics producing different tones and depths. However when teamed with other colours, from bright and bold to soft and pastel it looks sensational.

​Here are our top five tips to make black more exciting.
    1. Black with White
      These two together look smart and are ideal for work and smart occasion wear. White edging on collar and lapels on a black suit relieves the harshness, also a white collar on a black dress. With a white blouse or top underneath and black shoes you’ll be a picture of sophistication!

    2. Black With Pastels
      Maybe you feel black is too harsh next to your face if you have a pale complexion. The answer is to team it with pretty pastels. Rose pink is perfect for warmth as is deep cream. Mint green, ice blue and lemon yellow are all good, for tops and also dresses under a black jacket. Also add colour with accessories.

    3. After Work Dates
      No time to go home and change after work? Smart black can soon be made to look glamorous if you add colour. Red especially is great at this time of year. One of this seasons looks, a silky frilly blouse, with shoes and bag to match would turn work wear into party wear in a few minutes. Jewel bright colours are made to go with black.

    4. Black with Sparkle!
      Gold and silver make a simple little black dress exciting. Choose which suits your complexion best. Maybe choose a fabric with gold or silver threads running through the black fabric and echo it with jewellery and accessories. Or a sparkly shawl or bolero jacket with a smart black dress, and beautiful sparkly shoes!

    5. Black with Colours You Maybe Don’t Normally Wear
      Khaki and grey can look really good when worn with black, as can mustard yellow and orange. The darkness of the black tones down and compliments the brightness of the colour. So don’t be scared to experiment with a whole palate of colours to make your black wardrobe more exciting.

 As you can see its fine to wear lots of black but liven it up with touches for a whole new look.

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