April 28, 2018

by Chris Smith

​It’s all too easy to believe the hype in magazines about the best way to look after your skin and hair. Many tips are passed down through the generations and are never questioned, when actually they simply don’t apply any more. So, let’s prove them wrong once and for all! We’ve chosen our top five.


  • You Need to Pay More for A Good Face Cream 
    Unless you have problem or extra sensitive skin you don’t always need to spend a lot on moisturisers or cleansers. A lot of the expensive brands contain similar ingredients as the budget products with the extra price coming from the glamorous packaging and not from the product itself. So read the labels and compare the contents and you may be surprised to find that that they are often manufactured in the same factories too. Avoid those tested on animals and containing chemicals and choose natural and plant-based ingredients. Check out online review pages for an honest view of what the product can do before you splash your cash.

  • You Need A Separate Cream for Your Neck and Chest – Why?
    The skin on your neck is no different to the skin on your face so continue to use the same products on both and don’t ignore caring for your neck in winter when it’s covered up with high necks and scarves.

  • Oil Is the Best Way to Treat Dry Skin 
    Although dry skin needs moisture it doesn’t need extra oil. Exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells on the surface is the best treatment for dry skin. If you just keep piling oil and cream on the surface it will clog the pores and make your complexion look ashen and lined. A light moisturiser on clean skin will sink in and applied every day will give a dewy fresh appearance.

  • If You Pluck A Grey Hair Five More Will Appear 
    Finding a grey hair is something that happens to us all at some time! Plucking won’t cause more greys to appear, but if you do pluck it may destroy the follicle and cause hair thinning. So never pluck! Either embrace the greys or ask your hairdresser about a good tint that covers grey hair. 
  • You Don’t Need A Sun Protection Cream in Our British Climate 
    You really do even though we may not see the sun that often. Damaged skin never recovers and even an hour every day in strong sunshine can lead to the destruction of cells. Make sure your face cream has an SPF and apply sun cream regularly. 

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