November 07, 2016

Maybe you’ve already realised just how great rucksacks and backpacks are and how useful – if not now is the time when they’re one of this seasons’ top looks in the world of bags. It’s not often that something so practical is also a top fashion choice!

Here are our top five reasons why you must buy one for this summer.

  1. They’re Hands Free!
    It’s so much easier to walk quickly when you’re wearing a backpack and you can have all your valuables safe while using your hands to carry groceries and maybe hold hands with little ones or hold a dog lead. Also in recent times women are dressing more casually for most occasions and this has extended to the world of bags. Sportswear is worn as a fashion choice by many who never exercise!

  2. Better for Your Back
    So much kinder to your back than a heavy shoulder bag which can cause real pain and over time damage your neck and back. With a backpack the weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders, and you’ll really notice the difference.
  3. Many Styles and Choices
    The new backpacks are a world away from the ones you remember from your schooldays. There are lots of styles and fabrics and sizes, and even patterned choices. Price wise there are plenty of budget prices, but the sky’s the limit, with those at the fashion shows costing hundreds.

  4. Make Yours Unique
    If you choose canvas you can customise it yourself with designs using fabric paints. Or you could embroider designs, another of this seasons’ top looks. Or applique on ready-made butterflies and flowers available from retailers of fabrics and sewing accessories.

  5. A Festival Essential
    Backpacks and rucksacks are perfect for filling with your valuable essentials that you need to keep with you at all times and in an easily transportable way. Choose a sturdy and waterproof fabric and a medium size. You can even use it as a pillow if you’re camping!

As you can see a backpack is ideal for summer, especially for outings and holidays, and can become a brilliant reminder of good times in 2016.  

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